Thursday, April 21, 2005

A virtual potluck is an event without
a "planned menu". The session participants brought something of their
choice for everyone to share.

The event took place at the Department of International Relations.
There were 10 students with me on-site in Minsk.We had two computers
working,a data projector and a microphone.Susanne and I moderated
the session.I conducted the session from a PC running Elluminate which
was projected on the screen in our PC Lab.

The Elluminate worked well for Susanne.In Minsk we experienced some
major problems with the voice tool.We used the Direct Messaging area
most of the time, but we were able to talk a couple of times. The Direct
Message conversation and the Whiteboard activities were saved by
Susanne.We decided not to use some wbd interactive exercises.

Again,my thanks go to Susanne for providing a virtual home for us on

Our joined photo blog is at
Susanne and I are looking forward to hearing from my students.
We invited them to post their comments to our blog, which is at


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