Sunday, May 08, 2005

On Sunday, May 8 Andy Pincon and the Webheads in Action were hosting a free online virtual eConference compliment to the 23rd Tutor Mentor Conference which will be held at Northwestern University's Law School from May 12-13.

The Tutor Mentor eConference has been designed to fit into each international time zone and be convenient for the regional presenters and their regional audiences. Great idea , Andrew!

The session started with Michael singing live from Adelaide, Australia. He brought up a page with the words and did the Webheads favorite song. It was great! ' Happy on Line' has become a webheads hit. Buthaina and Daf started dancing. Wow!!! Bravo Michael.

It was great to meet again, Maggie, Vance,Teresa, Buthaina, Bee, Daf and many other Webheads. We also met Dan Bassill .

While in session, Elizabeth and I hooked up our webcams and took a couple of shots:

I missed Elizabeth and Mario's presentation dealing with Real Video. I started having some major problems with my connection and could not log in again.

Some useful links to check out: